Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations

ASIC is hosting poster presentations that cover a wide range of air sensor applications and projects for your review! The individuals and organizations listed below are excited to share and discuss their hard work with all attendees.

Posters will be displayed for the full duration of the conference for attendee viewing. Selected posters will give 1-minute rapid-fire presentations to the full audience following the breakout sessions on Wednesday. All participants are encouraged to review posters and ask follow-up questions of the presenters at the welcome reception.

See full Poster Abstracts here. 

Presentations & Authors

First Name Last Name Organization Presentation Title
Matthew  Adams University of Toronto Mississauga Siting Monitors for use in Land Use Regression Modelling
Leslie Allsopp University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health Piloting the use of air monitoring in STEM internships to develop models for regional dissemination
Stavros Amanatidis California Institute of Technology Miniaturizing particle sizing instruments for planned atmospheric studies: The Caltech-ADI Scanning Electrical Mobility Spectrometer
Maurizio  Barbiere Joint Research Centre Performance evaluation of low-cost sensors for the benzene and other Volatile Organic Compound in ambient air within the Key VOCs project.
Damian Bikiel UBA-FCEyN / INQUIMAE-CONICET Testing low-cost sensors by means of passive samplers
Kaniska Biswas Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur An Off-Centric Impactor to Reduce Particle Bounce Off: Its Design and Development
Philipp Breitegger Institute of Electronic Sensor Systems, Graz University of Technology Quartz-Enhanced Photoacoustic Spectroscopy for Environmental Trace Gas Sensing with WSNs
David Broday Technion In-situ calibration of wireless distributed environmental sensor network (WDESN)
David Broday Technion Identifying the impact of a stone quarry on exposure to respirable particles
Steven Brown Sonoma Technology Inc Variations in Wintertime PM Among Communities in Sacramento Measured with a Combination of Traditional and Low-Cost Sensor Methods
Bowen Call Utah Division of Air Quality Integration of Sensor and Regulatory Air Monitoring Data through Concentration Interpolation and Hot Spot Analysis
Jonathan Callahan Mazama Science A PM2.5 Swiss Army Knife for R
Shea Caspersen US EPA, Region 9 Application of Visualization tools for Air Sensor Data Collected in Southern California
Maria Castillo Boston University School of Public Health Field testing a low-cost passive aerosol sampler for long-term measurement of PM2.5
Woody (William) Delp Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Performance of Two Sensor-Based Methods for Measuring Formaldehyde and NO2 in New California Homes 
Wanyu Chan Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Long-Term Assessment of CO2 Sensors Marketed for Demand Controlled Ventilation Systems
Chia-Wei Chang ITRI, Taiwan Evaluation Platform for Performance Inspection on PM2.5 Analyzers and Sensors in Taiwan
L.-W. Antony Chen University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Undergraduate education using wearable sensors to train citizen scientists and increase air quality awareness
Yanju Chen California Air Resources Board A Multi-Scale Framework for Community-Level Air Quality Analysis in California
Steven Chillrud Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University Serial dilution of inverted flame source as calibration approach for black carbon monitors
Andrea Clements U.S. EPA Field Performance Evaluation of Four Low-Cost Particulate Matter Sensors
Kenneth Davidson US EPA Using Air Sensors to Build Capacity to Measure Air Pollution Mitigation Strategies at Schools: A Case Study at Brookfield Elementary School, Oakland, CA
Parikshit  Deshmukh Jacobs Technology  Design and Evaluation of Fixed and Mobile Sensor-based systems for collection of local Air Quality Data 
Jennifer DeWinter Sonoma Technology, Inc., 1450 N. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954 U.S. EPA's AirNow International Air Sensor Applications and Initiatives in Accra, Ghana
Jessa Ellenburg 2B Technologies CommunityAQ: Utilizing Emerging Technologies to Gain Community Participation in Air Monitoring
Yael Etzion Atmosfir Optics Remote sensing data analytics accommodating multi-source characterization in a complex petrochemical/chemical industrial area
Javier Fernandez Kunak Technologies SL

Aiding smoke forecasting & providing better information to help the public reduce their exposure.

Premysl Fitl University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague Quartz Crystal Microbalance Gas Sensors Prepared by Laser Deposition
Helen Fitzmaurice University of California Berkeley Learning from a dense network of PM2.5 measurements in the San Francisco Bay Area
Maria Cecilia Galvez De La Salle University Arduino and Raspberry PI Based Air Quality Sensor for the City of Manila
Stefan Gillott king's College London Characterisation and Enhancement of low-cost aerosol sensors for use in air pollution monitoring in diverse environments.
Anubha Goel indian institute of technology kanpur, india Particle-bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PPAHs) as indicators of Toxicity potential of particles
Jason Gu Sensevere  
Tarun Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur A variable head PM1/PM2.5 medium flow (175 LPM) sampler to enable quick sample collection
David Hagan MIT Use of low-cost sensors in a polluted environment: Addressing challenges and lessons learned over the course of three years of field measurements (2015-2018) in Delhi, India
Dan Jaffe University of Washington Evaluation of PM2.5  and CO sensors for wildfire smoke identification
Jingkin Jian Tsinghua University Data analysis of the particulate matter sensor network in two Chinese cities
Karoline Johnson Duke University Children's Personal and Microenvironmental Exposures to PM2.5 and Ozone in Shanghai, China
Ajith Kaduwela CARB Measuring Air Pollution with a small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (sUAV)
Kirsten Koehler JHSPH Mapping Occupational Hazards with a Multi-Hazard Monitor Network in a Heavy-Vehicle Manufacturing Facility
Katheryn Kolesar Air Sciences Inc. Creating a network of low-cost, field-deployable PM sensors to characterize regional dust emissivity
Brian LaFranchi Aclima Inc. Methodology development for routine evaluation of atmospheric data quality aboard a mobile platform
Denny Larson Community Science Institute Citizen Monitoring Documents Toxic Air Pollution in Puerto Rico
Tami Lavezzo Sonoma Technology, Inc., 1450 N. McDowell Blvd, Petaluma, CA 94954 Applications of Low-Cost Sensors for Youth Education in Arizona
Hyung Joo Lee California Air Resources Board Decision support of satellite remote sensing data for PM2.5 air quality in California
Wen-Whai Li University fo Texas at El Paso Associations of respiratory responses with traffic air pollution for asthmatic children attending a roadside school
Yi Li Sunset CES Inc Data Quality Control System—the Key of Sensor Application in Air Quality Monitoring
Hai-Ying Liu Department of Environmental Impacts and Sustainability, Norwegian Institute for Air Research Performance evaluation and community applications of low-cost sensors for particulate matter
Geoff Ma University of Cambridge Assessing the Performance of a Low Cost Ambient Air Quality Sensor Network in Cambridge, UK
Juan Maestre University of Texas at Austin Open Science Hardware
Brian Magi University of North Carolina at Charlotte Comparison and evaluation of PM2.5 measured in an urban setting using a low-cost optical particle counter and a Federal Equivalent Method Beta Attenuation Monitor
Gedi Mainelis Rutgers University Comparison of Three Consumer-Grade Air Quality Monitors Using Different Particles
Gedi Mainelis Rutgers University Application of Consumer-grade Air Quality Sensors to Investigate Outdoor Factors Affecting Indoor Air Quality 
Anna Mebust EPA Region 9 Performance testing of next-generation air sensors during wildfires
Kyle Messier University of Texas at Austin Exploring Efficient Mapping Approaches with the Google Street View Mobile Monitoring Dataset
Angela Mitcham Vaporsens Rapid Trace Detection of Formaldehyde using Chemical Sensors Based on Organic Nanofibers
Natalia Mykhaylova University of Toronto Low-cost Sensor Array Devices as a Method for Reliable Assessment  of Exposure to Traffic-related Air Pollution
Elizabeth Noth University of California, Berkeley Overcoming Environmental Variability
Aileen Nowlan Environmental Defense Fund Air Pollution Hyperlocal Mapping Using Fleet Vehicles
Gustavo Olivares NIWA DustyACorn - Bringing air quality science to pre-schoolers
Justin Patts NIOSH Advancing Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies for Occupational Safety and Health: The NIOSH right sensors used right initiative for safety, health, well-being, and productivity
Charles Pearson California Air Resources Board/Incident Air Monitoring Evaluation and Use of Sensors for Monitoring Smoke Impacts of Wildfires and Prescribed Burns
Zhong-Ren Peng Center for Intelligent Transportation Systems and Unmanned Aerial Systems Application, State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering, School of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Civil Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China Essential Research Questions and Progress in the Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles with Miniaturized Sensors for Atmospheric Environment Monitoring
Poonam Prasad CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute Internet of Things (IoT) for Air Environment Monitoring: A study
Batsal Pudasaini Clarkson University Estimating PM2.5 from Photographs using Physics-based Modeling and Machine Learning
Xiaohui Qiao Tsinghua University Low-cost sensor network to improve air quality management capability: a case study in Jining, China
Casey Quinn Colorado State University An Automated Microenvironmental Aerosol Sampler (AMAS) For Location/Activity Exposure Assessment
Stephen Reece ORISE Participant hosted by US EPA Assessment of Air Pollutant Spatial Trends in PeÃuelas, Puerto Rico Using Low-Cost Air Quality Sensors 
Dave Ridley CARB Linking Low-Cost Particle Sensor Measurements to Regulatory Monitoring 
AJ Salkoski Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium Impact of Home Remediation on Respiratory Symptoms
Philipp Schneider NILU - Norwegian Institute for Air Research Data fusion techniques for mapping urban air quality using low-cost sensor networks
Cooper Schumacher University of Washington Quality Control for Networks of Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensors
Lianne Sheppard University of Washington Use of Low-cost Air Pollution Sensors in an Air Pollution Cohort Study
Gilad Shpitzer Atmosfir Optics Remote sensing data analytics accommodating petrochemical/chemical industrial fence-line monitoring challenges
James Sievwright Environment and Climate Change Canada Small Air Quality Sensor Applications to Improve Community Engagement in Western Canada
Brett Singer Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Consumer Indoor Air Quality Monitors Performance for Residential Sources of Fine Particle 
Ashish Singh Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) Deployment of low-cost PM sensors in the highly polluted urban environment in Nepal: Field performance of the Alphasense PM sensor
Levi Stanton Sonoma Technology, Inc. Approaches to Sensor Calibration
LeVonne Stone Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network Airborne Toxics and Sensory Irritants from Fort Ord Open Burn
Ken Stuzu

Citizen Air Monitoring Network

Low cost air monitors: their role, best practices and lessons learned from the field
Jari Suikkola Vaisala Field Experience from 6 Months Operation of a Supplementary Air Quality Sensor Network in Helsinki, Finland
Li Sun City University of Hong Kong Impact of high pollution episodes on the indoor air quality in schools and its implications on health-based air quality index
Ryan Thompson Mountain Air Engineering Portable Dilution Sampling Equipment for Climate-Relevant Emission Source Characterization
Jacob Thorson University of Colorado, Boulder Combining an Array of Low Cost Sensors and Pattern Recognition Techniques to Attribute VOCs to Local Sources
Hilkka Timonen Finnish Meteorological Institute Compact air quality sensor measurements in an urban street canyon during a street dust season 
David Tomecek University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague Chemiresistive sensors for real-time NOx monitoring
Tim Tyner Central California Asthma   
AJ uppal Los Altos High School Low Cost particle sensing (for kids)
Monika Vadali MN Pollution control agency A cost effective ambient air quality monitoring system for evaluation urban air quality
Lourdes Vera Northeastern University - BOSTON, MA Photographic paper: an integrated measure for community study of industrially produced corrosive gases? 
Jan Vlcek University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic Nanocomposite Gas Chemiresistors Based on Poly-Ionic Liquid With Nanocarbons
Scott Waller Thingy, LLC  
Christopher Wallis UC Davis Air Quality Research Center Robust and Low Cost Drag Sphere Anemometer
Wen-Cheng Wang Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica, Taiwan Performance Evaluation of an Integrated Multifunctional Sensors-Device in Taiwan
Xiaoliang Wang Desert Research Institute Microsensor Smoke Detection for Spacecraft Fire Safety
Peng Wei City University of Hong Kong  A cost-effective data correction approach for low-cost air sensor network data quality assurance
Ernie Weijers National Institure for Public Health and the Environment Testing and calibration of air quality sensors in the Netherlands: some lessons learned
Peter Weiss-Penzias University of California, Santa Cruz A Low Cost System for Detecting Fog Events and Triggering an Active Fog Water Collector 
Dane Westerdahl Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Data from Low cost sensors must be handled with care
Lexie Wilson Utah Division of Air Quality Integration of Sensor and Regulatory Air Monitoring Data Through Concentration Interpolation and Hot Spot Analysis
Edward Wolfrum National Renewable Energy Laboratory Investigating Electronic Noses: How Do Individual Sensor Characteristics Affect the Performance of Sensor Arrays?
Enki Yoo Department of Geography, University at Buffalo, The State University of New York (SUNY) Mapping air quality using big data: Accounting for uncertainty
Qunfang Zhang California Air Resources Board Personal Exposures to Emissions from Lawn and Garden Equipment
Tongshu Zheng Duke University Field evaluation of low-cost particulate matter sensors in high and low concentration environments
Ying Zhou National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Review of real-time air pollution data in United States and their potential applications in environmental health tracking at CDC
Len Zuza Community of Communities, affiliated with the Maryland Environmental Health Network Evaluation of Air Pollution Regulations in Maryland: an argument for air sensor data from an impacted community