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Our Program Committees and Session Chairs have been in discussions with various universities, government organizations, community groups and industry members about creating sessions that can be the most beneficial to our attendees. Below is the preliminary list of ASIC Speakers that will be sharing their experiences, research and knowledge with you. We will be continuing to recruit people and organizations to offer podium presentations as well as poster presentations at the conference. 

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Are you interested in adding your work to our program? Consider submitting an abstract for review. You can host a Podium Presentation in one of our sessions or provide a Poster Presentation to describe your work. 

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Plenary Panel Presentations

Plenary Panel

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California Community Air Protection Veronica Eady CARB
California Community Air Protection Wayne Nastri SCAQMD
California Community Air Protection Eric Stevenson BAAQMD
California Community Air Protection Alan Abbs CAPCOA
Community Perspectives and Connections Penelope "Jenny"  Quintana San Diego State University
Community Perspectives and Connections Kris Ray Colville Confederated Tribes
Community Perspectives and Connections Calvin Cupini Clean Air Carolina
Community Perspectives and Connections Adrienne Hollis WE ACT
Federal Connections Meredith Kurpius US EPA
Federal Connections Erika Sasser US EPA
Federal Connections Katherine Webber US DOS
International Perspectives and Connections Lyng-Jyn Chen Academica Sinica
International Perspectives and Connections Tonny Xie Bluetech Clean Air Alliance
International Perspectives and Connections Sean Khan United Nations Environment
International Perspectives and Connections Alena Bartonova NILU Norwegian Institute for Air Research
International Perspectives and Connections Emmanuel Appoh Ghana Environmental Protection Agency

General Session Presentations

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Community and Citizen Science Session #3 Stephen Krabbe US EPA Region 7 Kansas City Transportation Local-Scale Air Quality Study (KC-TRAQS): Application of Citizen Science for Examining Local Air Quality
Community and Citizen Science Session #3 Wendy Griswold University of Memphis Engaging Community Members to Become Empowered Community Scientists
Community and Citizen Science Session #3 Orly Stampfer University of Washington The Community Engagement Process in Studying the Use of Low-Cost Air Sensors in a Highly Impacted, Multi-Cultural Rural Setting
Community and Citizen Science Session #3 Gregory Newmark Kansas State University Lessons from the Shared Air/Shared Action: Community Empowerment through Low-Cost Air Pollution Monitoring Project
Community and Citizen Science Session #3 Hilary Hafner Sonoma Technology, Inc. Community Sensor Training: Best Practices and Lessons Learned
Community and Citizen Science Session #3 Seung-Hyun Cho RTI International Field Implementation of Citizen Science Air Quality and Exposure Study  (not for publishing)
Community and Citizen Science Session #3 Brian Miles CGI Establishing a Community Based Air Sensor Network: Lafayette Engagement and Research Network
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Nancy Carmona University of Washington, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Developing a Community-Engaged Low-cost Air Monitoring Network in Seattle, Washington
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Ernie  Weijers National Institute for Public Health and the Environment(RIVM) Citizen science and regulatory monitoring: bridging the gap?
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Michael Ogletree City & County of Denver; Department of Public Health & Environment Air Quality Community Action Network (AQ-CAN)
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Jill Johnston University of Southern California Storytelling and air monitoring: A day in the life of an environmental justice youth of color
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Anna Scott Johns Hopkins University Greater Baltimore Open Air
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Jennifer Gabrys Citizen Sense, Goldsmiths, University of London Citizen Sensing: From Data to Action
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Adrienne Hollis WE ACT for Environmental Justice Cleaner Air, Cleaner Communities: 6 Steps to Develop Environmentally Just State Implementation Plans
Community and Citizen Science Session #2 Sacoby Wilson School of Public Health, University of Maryland-College Park Use of Citizen Science Tools to Engage, Inpower, and Advance Environmental Justice and Health Equity
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Amanda Kaufman US Environmental Protection Agency Citizen Science and Government Collaborations: Developing Tools to Facilitate Community Air Monitoring 
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Trina Mackie Touro University California The Vallejo Citizen Air Monitoring Network: Building Awareness and Strengthening Advocacy for Environmental Justice
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Gustavo Aguirre Jr Central California Environmental Justice Network  From the Ground Up: An Environmental Justice Approach to Community Science and Air Monitoring
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Margaret Rice New York City Department of Health & Mental Hygiene City government, academia, and local communities:  Cooperative approaches to citizen data collection
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Calvin Cupini Clean Air Carolina Leveraging Citizen Science and the Internet of Things to create a statewide community monitoring network
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Kris Ray Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation Using Sensors and Portable Monitors to Guild a Tribal Air Quality Program
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Ms. Margaret Gordon West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project On the Ground Urban Citizen Science
Community and Citizen Science Session #1 Luis Olmedo CCV, IVAN AIR Community air Monitoring with Low-Cost Sensors
Data Analytics Jennifer and Steve Eberwein / Drevik Mojave APCD / Agilaire Real Time Normalization of Small Sensor Data
Data Analytics Tongshu Zheng Duke University Gaussian process regression models for dynamic low-cost particulate matter sensor calibration in a wireless sensor network in New Delhi (Not for publishing)
Data Analytics L. Drew Hill Ramboll, Environment & Health, San Francisco Improving pollution source resolution for real time low cost sensors using widely available data resources: a proof of concept
Data Analytics David Lary University of Texas at Dallas Sensor networks: data processing for better spatial and temporal resolution
Data Analytics Christoph Hueglin Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Duebendorf, Switzerland Assessment of the Performance of NO and NO2 low cost sensors over extended time periods in a real world application
Data Analytics Brandon Feenstra South Coast AQMD Development of a backend application to ingest, validate, analyze, and map data from a large PM sensor network
Data Analytics R Subramanian Carnegie Mellon University Machine learning and data analytics to calibrate sensors and map air quality in real-time with the RAMP network (not for publishing)
Data Assimilation Jun Wang University of Iowa Resolving uncertainties in the urban air quality, climate, and vegetation nexus through citizen science, satellite imagery, and atmospheric modeling (not for publishing)
Data Assimilation Alena Bartonova NILU Norwegian Institute for Air Research Data fusion techniques for mapping urban air quality using low-cost sensor networks
Data Assimilation Karin Tuxen-Bettman Google Big Data for Air Quality: Sensors, Satellites, and Spatial Analysis, Oh My!
Data Assimilation Michael Heimbinder HabitatMap The AirCasting Platform: Communicating & Visualizing Air Quality Data
Data Assimilation Theo Damoulas University of Warwick & The Alan Turing Institute Probabilistic Machine Learning for Air Quality Sensor Integration
Data Assimilation Tim Dye TD Environmental Services Data Deluge: It's occurring, Now What?  How to Make the Most of Air Sensor Data Using New Tools
Data Communication Kayla Schulte University of Oxford Air Quality Platform Problematics: Illuminating the Gap Between Design & Application  
Data Communication Jim Menard IBM/The Weather Company Effectively communicating air quality to a largely apathetic general population
Data Communication Alexa Wilkie Public Health Institute / CDPH Community engagement in development of a community air monitoring network in Imperial County, California
Data Communication Maria Harris  Ms. Margaret Environmental Defense Fund Street-level air pollution data and advocacy in Oakland
Data Communication Susan Lyon Stone US Environmental Protection Agency Integrating Communication of Data from Air Quality Monitors, Sensors, and Satellites
Data Communication Jason Low South Coast AQMD Sensing the need to communicate sensor data 
Data Communications Elena Austin University of Washington Engaging Community to Design Data Communication for the Ysidro Air Quality Study
Data Communications Mena Shah California Air Resources Board Community Air Monitoring Data Portal
Data Sharing & Harmonization Dan Webster Sage Bionetworks Sensor technology in the All of Us Research Program
Data Sharing & Harmonization David L. Elam, Jr. TRC Advancing the Application of Low-cost Sensors with Voluntary Consensus Standards
Data Sharing & Harmonization Michel Gerboles European Commission - Joint Research Centre AirSensEUR: An open sensor box for air quality monitoring
Data Sharing & Harmonization Abhijit RS EDF Air Quality Data Commons, an open source, open access platform for air quality data
Data Sharing & Harmonization Janet Fredericks Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Standards-based Tools for Creating and Managing Metadata for EnviroSensing Data
Data Sharing & Harmonization John  Graybeal Stanford Building a Principled Inter-operable Data System for Air Sensors
Data Sharing & Harmonization Steve Liang Sensor Up

From Air Quality Monitoring Silos to System of Systems - Best Practices based on OGC SensorThings API

Emerging Technologies David Broday Technion Wireless Distributed Environmental Sensor Networks for Air Pollution Measurement: The Promise and the Current Reality
Emerging Technologies Matthew Landis U.S. EPA Office of Research and Development U.S. EPA Wildland Fire Sensor Challenge: Submission Evaluation Results and Winner(s) (not for publishing)
Emerging Technologies Philip Father Scepter, Inc. Atmospheric Monitoring in 2020
Emerging Technologies Kevin Cromar NYU Using Satellite Data for Health and Air Quality Applications
Emerging Technologies Suresh Dhaniyala Clarkson University A new low-cost, electrical-mobility based aerosol sensor for wide size range measurements
Emerging Technologies Zhi Ning The Hong Kong University of Science and Tecnology Development and Validation of a Baseline Correction Method for Long-Term Unattended Field Deployment of Electrochemical Sensors
Exposure & Health Darby Jack Columbia University Temporal and spatial variation in personal air pollution exposures in New York City bicycle commuters:  evidence from the Biking and Breathing study
Exposure & Health David Peden University of North Carolina Development of wearable environmental and physiological sensors
Exposure & Health Edmund Seto University of Washington The Influence of Personal Behaviors on Personal Air Pollution Exposures and Acute Health Effects
Exposure & Health Jeffery Williams CARB Personal Exposure to Particles and Gaseous Pollutants
Exposure & Health John  Balmes University of California, San Francisco and Berkeley Air Quality Monitoring and Emissions Reduction at the Community Level in California: A New Paradigm
Exposure & Health Rima Habre University of Southern California An Health Platform for Predicting Risk of Pediatric Asthma Exacerbation Using Personal Sensor Monitoring Systems: The Los Angeles PRISMS Center
Field Experience Shih-Chun Candice Lung Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia Sinica, Taiwan Application of PM2.5 Low-cost-sensors to Assess Community Sources
Field Experience Jesse Kroll MIT Distributed air quality monitoring near a major point source: Measurements of volcanic air pollution on the Island of Hawaii using low-cost sensors
Field Experience Gustavo Olivares NIWA Community Observation Networks for Air - New Zealand's experience with community engagement about air quality
Field Experience Adrian & Pierre Arfire / Pernot Airparif Navigating the Brave New World of Low-Cost Air Quality Sensing
Field Experience Sunil  Gulia Delhi Zonal Center, CSIR-National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur, MS, India Sensor based Wireless Air Quality Monitoring Network - A Smart Tool for Urban Air Quality Management: A Case Study of Highly Urbanized Megacity, Delhi, India
Field Experience Ashley Collier-Oxandale University of Colorado Boulder Proposed Best Practices for Quantifying, Siting, and Using Gas-Phase Sensors in Partnership with Communities
Field Experience Benjamin Barratt King's College London Sensing in three dimensions: Field experience from the Hong Kong D3D Study
Field Experience Karen  Canales Little Village Environmental Justice Organization Validation of our lived experiences through field experience
Gas & Vapor Sensing Igor Paprotny University of Illinois at Chicago Selective Chemoresistive Hybrid Metal Oxide/Carbon Nanotube-based VOC and Methane Sensors
Gas & Vapor Sensing Dr. Ardevan  Bakhtari Scentroid High Accuracy multi-gas monitoring using automated self-calibration
Gas & Vapor Sensing Markus Knoll Graz University of Technology / Institute of Electronic Sensor Systems Development of a low-cost, low-power, photoacoustic based nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor network for air pollution measurements
Gas & Vapor Sensing Amanda Billingsley AQMesh Experience of global small sensor co-location comparison studies with AQMesh
Gas & Vapor Sensing Geoff Henshaw Aeroqual Ltd Creating air quality intelligence from low cost gas sensors 
Gas & Vapor Sensing Georgia Miskell University of Auckland A simple and effective technique for remotely calibrating low-cost gas air quality sensors when deployed in the field.
Gas & Vapor Sensing Michael Hannigan University of Colorado How can we use sensors to learn about air quality near energy/transportation infrastructure?
Gas & Vapor Sensing Ron  Williams U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Field and Laboratory Performance Evaluation of an Ozone Sensor
Indoor Air Quality Olivier Lefebvre Climate Solutions Consulting HAPEx: a low cost PM2.5 sensor to monitor household expsoure to solid fuel emissions
Indoor Air Quality Ajay Pillarisetti University of California, Berkeley Using lower cost sensors to understand household energy use and its implications on pollution exposure and health
Indoor Air Quality Ang  Zhao Rock Environment and Energy Institute  The PM2.5 Levels in the Metro Cars and Commuters' Awareness: A Questionnaire-based Investigation and AirBeam-based Monitoring in 10 Metro Lines of Beijing    
Indoor Air Quality Bob Thompson US EPA Which Sensors? When? How Much? Next Steps
Indoor Air Quality Martin Lukac Nexleaf Analytics Using Data to Implement Cleaner Air Solutions
Indoor Air Quality Yifang Zhu University of California Los Angeles Monitoring Indoor Air Quality Using Low Cost Sensors at a Community Scale
Low & Middle Income Countries Emmanual Appoh Ghana EPA Overview of Air Quality Monitoring in Accra, Ghana
Low & Middle Income Countries Sean Khan UNEP Application of affordable monitoring for low and middle income countries
Low & Middle Income Countries Saliou Souare Centre de Gestion de la Qualité de l'Air à Dakar (CGQA) Air Quality Monitoring in Dakar, Senegal
Low & Middle Income Countries R. Subramanian Carnegie Mellon University Air Quality in East Africa: Measurements with Portable and Low-Cost Sensors (not for publishing)
Mobile Technologies Kirsten Koehler Johns Hopkins University Low-cost Air Pollution Monitors for Deployment in an Urban Setting
Mobile Technologies Anthony Miller Entanglement Technologies, Inc. Mobile BTEX and VOC Monitoring with the AROMA Vapor Analyzer: Results and Lessons from Field Studies and Emergency Response Deployments
Mobile Technologies Priyanka deSouza Massachusetts Institute of Technology City Scanner: High-Resolution Mobile Air Quality Monitoring
Mobile Technologies Bassam Dgheim Aclima Inc Sensor performance characteristics from an extended mobile monitoring deployment
Mobile Technologies Albert Presto Carnegie Mellon University Intra-city variability of PM exposure driven by carbonaceous sources
Mobile Technologies Nico Schulte California Air Resources Board Interpreting On-Road Mobile Air Pollution Measurements in Multiple Communities
Monitor Siting Ajith Kaduwela Air Quality Research Center, UC Davis Particle Measurements in Sri Lanka using Low-Cost Air Sensors
Monitor Siting Christine Kendrick City of Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability Building Best Practices for an Air Quality Distributed Sensor Network
Monitor Siting Holger Eisl Barry Commoner Center for Health and the Environment, Queens College, NY The role of Citizen Science Projects in the context of information made available by the New York City Community Air Survey
Monitor Siting Kate Hoag Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) Study design considerations for successful air sensor projects
Monitor Siting Alena Bartonova NILU Norwegian Institute for Air Research Sensor networks for public and regulatory information
Monitor Siting Steven Brown Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District Wintertime Air Toxics from Wood Smoke in Sacramento
Monitor Siting Kun-Hsing Liu  Green Energy and Environmental Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute The fast deployment method of widespread low-cost and portable sensors for national ambient air monitoring
Particle Sensing Graeme Carvlin Puget Sound Clean Air Agency Calibration, QC, and Visualization of Data from the Purple Air Monitor
Particle Sensing Eben Cross Aerodyne Research Inc. Understanding the fundamental limits of low-cost optical particle counters in the "real world"
Particle Sensing Kyle Alberti Aeroqual Low-cost air quality sensor network deployment and data analysis
Particle Sensing Lara Gundel Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Minimizing the influence of environmental conditions on the performance of low-cost PM sensors
Particle Sensing Pratim Biswas Washington University in St. Louis Innovative Designs for Low Cost PM Sensors: Calibration, Characterization, and Application
Particle Sensing Sreenath Avula TSI Inc An Overview of TSI's capabilities in product development from conception to commercialization 
Particle Sensing Meilu He Clarkson University Low-cost optical sensors: Laboratory and field performance evaluation
Particle Sensing Vasileios Papapostolou South Coast AQMD South Coast Air Quality Management District – Air Quality Sensor Performance Evaluation Center
Regulation and Performance Standards Caroline D'Angelo U.S. Department of State Air Sensors and U.S. Diplomacy
Regulation and Performance Standards Kristen Benedict U.S. EPA The Emergence of Sensors - An EPA Perspective
Regulation and Performance Standards Eric Stevenson Bay Area Air Quality Management District Assembly Bill 617 and Low Cost Sensors - How Can This Technology Provide Actionable Results
Regulation and Performance Standards Craig Kreman Quapaw Tribe of Oklahoma How sensors are and can be used in Indian Country
Regulation and Performance Standards Kyle Vagadori California Air Resources Board Opportunities to Utilize Low-Cost Sensors to Address Regulatory Air Monitoring Network Resource Constraints
Regulation and Performance Standards Andrea Polidori South Coast Air Quality Management District AQ-SPEC: Lessons Learnt and New Challenges
Regulation and Performance Standards Liu Baoxian Beijing EPA Air Quality Monitoring in Beijing: Application of
Traditional and Innovative Technologies
Source Characterization Naomi Zimmerman Carnegie Mellon University (now at The University of British Columbia) Integrating Spatiotemporal Variability and Modifiable Factors into Air Pollution Estimates (not for publishing)
Source Characterization Shaohua Hu California Air Resources Board Development and Establishment of a Monitoring Network using Portable Emissions AcQuisition System to Quantify Heavy-Duty In-Use Vehicles Emissions in California
Source Characterization Stephen Feinberg ORAU/US EPA Kansas City Transportation Local-Scale Air Quality Study (KC-TRAQS): Examining Local Air Quality with a Network of Low-cost Sensors.
Source Characterization Jinsol Kim UC Berkeley Characterizing urban emissions using low-cost, high-density sensor network (not for publishing)
Source Characterization Chelsea Preble University of California, Berkeley Plume Capture Method to Characterize On-Road Emissions by Heavy-Duty Diesel Trucks
Source Characterization Andrew Grieshop North Carolina State University Ambient and Fenceline Observations from Low-cost Gas and Particle Sensor Packages Deployed in Rural Malawi
Source Characterization R Subramanian Carnegie Mellon University Characterizing point, line, and area sources with RAMP monitors: Case studies from Pittsburgh, PA and San Juan, PR (not for publishing)
Source Characterization Jingkun Jiang Tsinghua University Data analysis of the particulate matter sensor network in two Chinese cities (not for publishing)
Youth Education Amal Kaduwela Albany High School, 603 Key Route Blvd. Albany, CA 94706, U.S.A Development of Low-Cost Air Sensor Packages for Youth Education, Citizen/Community Science, and Developing Countries
Youth Education Daniel Santiago Madrigal Public Health Institute Using a community air monitoring network to develop environmental health literacy and leadership with youth in Imperial Valley, CA
Youth Education Eric Canteenwala U.S. EPA Region IX, Children's Environmental Health Program Air Quality Sensors and Environmental Education at EPA 
Youth Education Luz Guel The Mount Sinai Transdisciplinary Center on Early Environmental Exposures Team Science:  A Cross-Disciplinary Training Approach to Citizen Science 
Youth Education Rachelle Duvall US EPA Student and Teacher-led Data Collection using Air Sensors during the DISCOVER-AQ Study
Youth Education Signe Waldbauer Durham School of the Arts Building and Coding Low Cost Air Monitors in an Urban School Campus