Volunteer for ASIC!

Looking for ways to supplement the cost of your attendance at ASIC? Volunteer with us and we will reimburse you a portion of your registration fee! 

We have a several volunteer opportunities for you to choose from ranging from being a Session Assistant to a Registration Assistant. All volunteer shifts are separated according to session times and are 3-3.5 hours each.

Benefits of Volunteering:

  • As a Breakout Session Assistant you would have the opportunity to interact directly with the session chair and presenters! If you are already planning on attending a specific session, this would be an easy way to volunteer your time while listening to your chosen topic.
  • Meet all the attendees name by name as a Registration Assistant! If you have some down time you can chose to volunteer at the registration desk and meet all the attendees as they arrive.
  • Attend the pre-conference trainings for FREE by being a Training Assistant! If you are in Oakland a day early, you could volunteer your time before the conference starts in the training rooms and you will be able to listen in on the training of your choice!

Volunteer Opportunities:

Tuesday: FULL

Wednesday: https://www.volunteersignup.org/WBQQ9

Thursday: https://www.volunteersignup.org/7WDJC

Friday: https://www.volunteersignup.org/THDQ3


For each shift you volunteer for, you will be reimbursed $25 of your registration fee!  Volunteer for two shifts? Get $50 back!